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Truckloads of scrap industrial tires are delivered to our plants.  The processing of these tires greatly reduce the amount of product being land filled.
The tires are then sorted and prepared for our production process.  Again our focus is solely on solid industrial tires.
Each tire is then carefully visually inspected to insure that it meets our manufacturing requirements in order to process our premium rubber products.
Before the tires go into production, they go through a second inspection and removal of any foreign products.
Our machines were designed by our engineers and built in house to process industrial tires.  Our unique cutting and blade process  will provide only the highest quality of product in the industry
After the rubber is stripped from the hub, the steel is then recycled back to the mills for reprocessing, thus continuing our commitment to further protect our environment.
The final product is packaged in super bulk bags and distributed to our customers.
Treadstone LLC is the industry leader in the manufacturing of shredded rubber mulch and other fine rubber products produced solely from solid industrial tires.  Our leading edge equipment designed and built in house, along with our proprietary processes and controls insures that you, our customer, get only the highest quality of product available in the market.

Treadstone is committed to manufacturing premium products that are available both on a commercial and local level at competitive pricing.  We have two U.S. manufacturing sites strategically located to be able to offer superior service with competitive freight rates into multiple geographic markets. 

Treadstone is committed to improving our environment.  Currently, most solid industrial tires are being consumed by our land fills: the processing of these tires can reduce the tonnage going into land fills by millions of cubic yards.  Treadstone will continue to do its part on improving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint.
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