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Treadstone LLC is proud to offer our premium quality mulch for equine applications. We recycle only 100% solid rubber tires containing no metal ensuring the safety of your equine friends.
Studies have shown that rubber mulch is a great alternative to traditional mulch and sand for riding arenas and stables because of the low impact nature of rubber, as well as the low dust level and ease of maintenance.
Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of rubber mulch for your equine application.
Rubber mulch provides improved footing, reduced impact on hooves & joints, and reduces the risk of slippage.
Reduced Dust
Dust control is key to reducing the risk of silicosis, a serious lung disease linked to lung damage & even lung cancer in horses. Eye, ear, nose, and throat conditions are also linked to high dust levels.
Low Maintenance
Reduced Allergies
Rubber mulch provides extremely effective drainage resulting in a reduced risk of many common equine conditions such as hoof rot or rain rot in cases of horses that like to lay. Excessive moisture in stalls can also lead to an increased risk of mold, parasitic, and fungus problems. Rubber mulch does not compress like traditional mulch therefore it will aerate & remove moisture more effectively.
Low Impact Riding Surface
Improved Drainage
Many allergic reactions in horses can be attributed to dust, mold or fungus. The ability of rubber mulch to reduce all of these factors makes it an ideal choice for stalls. Some horses are allergic to traditional bedding in general or frequent changes in bedding type. Rubber mulch has been implemented in some cases as an alternate substrate for horses recovering from skin and respiratory allergies.
Rubber mulch wil not decompose or blow away, and is easier to clean than traditional bedding, making bedding changes far less frequent and saving you time & money.
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